New NY sportsbooks

Here we have it, all the new sportsbooks in New York 2024. As of April 2021, mobile and online sportsbooks are now legal for residents 21 years of age or older to place bets on their favorite sports teams. This new opportunity has bettors racing to find the best new online sportsbooks in NY.

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New sportsbooks in New York

We couldn’t be happier to hear that NY now allows sportsbook brands to operate in the state. This opens the public up to more accessible sports betting and multiple options where you can do business.

Something a lot of people do not consider when searching through the New sportsbooks in NY is a large number of scammers out there waiting to take your deposits then running. That’s why it is essential to do your homework before making any bets, and that is just what we did.

This article will lead you into the world of new online sportsbooks in NY while sharing our idea of the best sports betting sites that have just recently made their big debut.

New online sportsbooks available for NY bettors

Although the state has made attempts since the U.S gave the go-ahead on legalized online sports betting in 2018, NY fell behind other states that seemed to pounce at the profitable sports betting market.

Finally, in-person betting was approved in 2019, and in 2021 Governor, Andrew Cumo gave the okay to move forwards with new sports betting sites New York to open shop.

While many brands placed bids to be some of the first sportsbooks available in the state, only a small few were given the go-ahead. This is huge for these companies as it is predicted that NY may be one of the biggest sports betting states, potentially bringing in some of the highest revenue in the US.

All new NY sportsbooks 2024

DraftKings New NY sportsbooks DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
Bet now DraftKings NY promo code
BetRivers New NY sportsbooks BetRivers Sportsbook 2nd Chance Bet up to $100
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
Bet now BetRivers NY promo code
Caesars Sportsbook New NY sportsbooks Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,250 bonus Bet now Caesars NY promo code
FanDuel New NY sportsbooks FanDuel Sportsbook No Sweat First Bet Up To $1,000 Bet now FanDuel NY promo code
BetMGM New NY sportsbooks BetMGM Sportsbook Best odds
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
Bet now BetMGM NY bonus code
WynnBET New NY sportsbooks WynnBET Sportsbook Bet $100, get $5 in bet credits Bet now   WynnBET NY promo code

Best new sportsbooks in NY

So, who were the lucky few? Here is a list of New York’s new sportsbooks that are competing for the business of New Yorkers who are all but patient waiting to wager on their favorite sports teams.


WynnBET New York has a large market of betting options as well as impressive bonuses and promotions. The sportsbook site is easy to navigate, and the games are straightforward and fun.

FOX Bet new customer bonus: $500 deposit match


Betrivers sportsbook New York covers a wide range of sports and events. They offer one of the best live-betting options around while providing customers live-stream services for a more confident bet.

Betrivers new customer bonus: $250 deposit match


BetMGM New York is new in the state, but is a tried and trusted sportsbook that has a well-known brand in the states. This company offers a secure sportsbook site and provides players with great betting odds in NY and plenty of bonuses.

Betrivers new customer bonus: Up to $1000 risk-free bet


The Drafkings New York platform is straightforward and user-friendly. This company covers all of the popular sports and events and provides their players with easy and quick deposits and withdrawals.

Draftkings new customer bonus: $500 deposit match


Fanduel New York offers excellent customer service and a friendly atmosphere. Players have no trouble moving about the site easily, quickly placing bets and withdrawing the money they win.

Fanduel new customer bonus: 20% deposit match up to $500

Signup at a new sportsbook in NY

Since online sports betting is super new to NY bettors, it may be a little intimidating finding the right sportsbook account and then signing up.

Well, we are here to tell you that making an account is the easiest part of online wagering. Most of the reputable sites make creating an account nearly effortless and take little time to complete.

  1. Log onto the sportsbook website.
  2. Click on the “new user” or “create an account” tab
  3. Follow the prompts that ask for your personal information (you will need your social security number and driver’s license. The help to establish each player is legally allowed to wager with the page.)
  4. Find the banking options offered by the sports betting site.
  5. Fund your sports betting account with a reasonable and affordable amount of money
  6. Place your bet

How to bet at the new sportsbooks in NY

Many New York sports betting sites, new and old, offer similar ways to wager on all types of sporting events and games. It is crucial to find a site that provides sports you know and enjoy and bets you feel comfortable playing.

There is nothing wrong with book hopping; we actually encourage players to open more than one sportsbook account.

Having multiple sports betting accounts allow players to compare odds, promotions, and games offered daily. You can also compare what types of bets are more common on each site.

Live-Betting (In-game betting) at new sportsbooks

Live betting has been growing in popularity over the years. People love having the option of wagering on their favorite sports teams while the game is still in action.

Even after the game has started, being able to place a bet gives bettors a chance to change their minds on the team they originally rooted for. It also provides players fast bets that offer a fast payout.

New sportsbook sites have access to some of the best technology, allowing them the ability to offer customers live-action bets from the comfort of their own home or from their mobile device on the go.

Parlays at new sportsbooks in NY

Back in the day, sportsbooks only offered players the option of a one-wager bet. With these new sportsbook sites, those days are over. Players now have the option of wagering on multiple bets and even games at one time.

The tricky part of a parlay is how tough they are to win. The more legs you add to your wager, the more games you have to win in order to get any type of payout. However, the more legs you wager on and win, the bigger the payout.

Prop bets (Propositional bets)

Prop bets have been taking over sportsbooks in recent years, really diversifying sports betting. These bets are fun and take wagering on sports to a whole new level. Instead of having tons of different ways to put money on the winning team, you have many types of bets you can wager on that have nothing to do with which team will win.

Money lines at new sportsbooks

The money line is the original way for bettors to make money by simply choosing which team they think is going to win a specific game. These money lines are still frequently used to this day, but with a little spice.

Each new sports betting site offers its own unique form of money line wagers, mixing up the bets to keep players on their toes and the money rolling in.

Offers at the new online sportsbooks in NY


What better way to promote your business and encourage the public to create an account on your new online sportsbooks in NY, than by luring them in with great deals?

As you start to navigate your way around all of new online sportsbooks in NY, you are going to see welcome bonuses, sign-on bonuses. Also deposit bonuses at the mobile sports betting apps in New York, bonuses, etc. These are all promotions used to grab your attention and give you great reasons to start wagering.

You can easily find these fantastic offers simply by google searching New York online sportsbooks. You can also find them on the sportsbooks webpage or their social media accounts. There are many types of offers available, and each company chooses the ones they can afford, which will show the public they are willing to work for their business.

Features at new online sportsbooks in NY

  • Sign up bonuses (get rewards just for creating an account and placing your first bet)
  • Deposit match bonus(a bonus where the sportsbook will match the amount of your first deposit.)
  • Loyalty bonuses (bonuses offered exclusively to specific players and accounts)
  • Mobile download bonus (a bonus for downloading the mobile app)
  • Free bets (Credits given to players to bet on one game for free up to a specific amount)
  • Risk-free bets(a bonus offered to players who will get some or all of their money back if they lose a bet)
  • No-deposit bonus (this is money put into your account by the books that are used like cash, not credits)
  • Reduce the juice bonus (This bonus is when the sportsbook reduces or eliminates their fees from a game)
  • Reload bonus (a bonus that is given when you reload your account)

These New York sports betting bonuses are the more common offers frequently handed out by most sportsbook sites. However, new online sportsbooks in New York are getting clever and creative with the promotions they offer, and it really ramps up the competition between one another.

Some of the most unique offers we have seen recently by these new sports betting sites include:

  • Free bets for those with the Covid vaccine
  • Money back if the baseball game you wagered on results in a no-run game
  • $50 credit if your team gets a touchdown

Note: Most bonuses and promotions come with a catch. You should always read the fine print and all of the details regarding the qualification of any deals you may receive.

Sports markets at new sportsbooks in NY

Many sportsbooks start off with a limited amount of betting markets. This is expected and understandable; the options will grow with the books. At this time, you can legally wager on most popular professional teams and out-of-state college teams.

Available sports for new bettors in New York:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • NCAA football
  • NCAA basketball
  • Super Bowl
  • March Madness
  • PGA Tour golf
  • NASCAR auto racing

You can also legally wager on Daily fantasy sports and horse racing in NY. Although novelty betting is becoming a trendy option on many sportsbook sites, NY currently doesn’t seem to agree to some extent. It is illegal to wager on specific events, with the political area off-limits; this means no wagering on presidential or other elections anytime soon.

Safety of new sportsbooks in New York

Betting on sports has never been safer. Once sports betting became legal in the nation, many laws have been put into place to protect the bettors and the brands.

Along with a list of rules and regulations required to even get approved for a license, new sportsbook sites are much safer to use because of the latest high-security technology. There are many types of encryption codes and extremely safe software that is strictly designed to keep eyes off all private information.

FAQ’s About new online sportsbooks in NY

Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill legalizing online sports betting in NY in April of 2021. This authorized brands to start bidding to be one of the first sportsbooks available to NY state residents.

Most of the popular U.S sports are currently legal to wager on, professional and college level. However, it is not permitted to bet on any NY state college sports teams at this time.

Just like any other form of gambling, residents of NY must be at least 21 years old. You will be required to provide proof of age and residency on all sportsbook accounts.

Is it safe to bet on new betting sites in New York?

Yes. New York new betting sites are required to follow strict rules and regulations in order to get licensed for business. New sites also have access to some of the best security software and encryptions.

What are the best sports betting sites available in NY?

Finding the best sports betting site is a personal choice. You have to choose the brand that offers the bets you want with the odds you are comfortable with and a site you trust. You can choose from one of the options listed in this article or search online.