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You have arrived at The New York Bets, a website that will guide you through all the experiences of NY online sports betting  once it becomes regulated.

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If you are looking for the best online sports betting site for NY residents, you will be able to take a look at our reviews that address all the important factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a sports betting site.

We want you to be able to find the best site for you, one that meets all your needs and desires when it comes to sports betting in the state of NY. We will suggest the best betting bonuses at the available betting companies, odds comparisons, sports betting tips and much more.

NY online sports betting

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has historically been an opponent of online sports betting in NY. But as of the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, the state is looking into different ways to generate tax revenue.


New York state may well be a major focus point for legalization in 2021. Facing a multibillion-dollar tax revenue shortfall, the state’s officials may finally have enough incentive to pass an online sports betting bill.

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Online Sports Betting soon in New York

In October 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state might be ready to legislate and regulate the online sports betting industry in NY.

Cuomo said in a press release. “New York has the potential to be the largest sports wagering market in the United States, and by legalizing online sports betting we aim to keep millions of dollars in revenue here at home, which will only strengthen our ability to rebuild from the COVID-19 crisis.”

It is known that the neighboring state of New Jersey’s tax revenues from online sports betting alone has gone through the roof during the ongoing pandemic.

Live odds

Enjoy live odds like never before. Place bets during the course of the match and claim the big win when your favorite team wins.

Welcome bonus

Receive a generous welcome bonus when you register with a new NY online sports betting service.

Open 24/7

Time does not matter when you choose to bet on sports online. The sites are open 24 hours a day with top service for their players.

Legal online sports betting in NY

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Best online sports betting in the state of New York

Best online sports betting services in the state of NY

Sports Betting NY

The pending legalization of online sports betting in the state of New York will open up for the possibility for the state’s residents to place bets online and receive the best possible welcome bonuses.


Pros of online sports betting in New York

There are a number of advantages to betting online using one of the based services, here we list 3 reasons that we believe are the most decisive factors for why you should choose to place your new sports bets online in the state.

The first factor is availability, you can place your bet online whenever you want and on your terms. The welcome bonuses enables you to set up your account with the best possible starting point. And finally, the online services offer you as a player a huge number of select sports to bet on.



Online sports betting services in NY are available 24/7.



Big bonuses that each player may receive upon first time registration.


Place your bets any time of day

With online Sports betting NY you can place your bets at any time you want.

Major NY sports teams you can bet on online

The New York JetsNFL – Football
The New York GiantsNFL
Buffalo BillsNFLl
Brooklyn NetsNBA – Basketball
New York KnicksNBA
New York LibertyWNBA
New York MetsMLB – Baseball
New York YankeesMLB
New york RangersNHL
Buffalo SabresNHL
New York IslandersNHL
New York City FCMLS
New York City Red BullsMLS

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Can i place online bets in NY today?

At the moment, online sports betting is still not available to New York residents, but as of recent, Governor Andrew Cuomo has opened up the possibility of legalizing and regulating online sports betting.

Does Basketball betting exist in NY?

The main reason for this is the state’s foregoes huge sums of tax revenue that would be used for rebuilding the state’s economy that’s been shattered during the covid-19 pandemic. We at New York Bets will continue to follow this development daily and update our visitors via this website.

So, the state is moving forward with the legaslation, and yes, this invovles basketball betting in the state.

How is the legalization of online sports betting in NY moving along?

The New York state Gaming Commission has said “Sports wagering shall occur only in a sports wagering lounge of an operator, as required by Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law section 1367 (3) (b).” But in the current situation lawmakers are starting to understand that this is unsustainable in times of social distancing and digital development.

How will the bill look like?

It is not yet clear what a new law may look like as the regulation in other states has widely differed from state to state, the governor has expressed his desire to let the state lottery handle online sports betting.

But at the same time Senator Joseph Addabbo and Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow has submitted a bill that allows for up to 14 online sports books to enter the New York market. Abbado said “I think we’re creating a monopolistic type of system, which I do not think is good for casinos in New York.” in response to the state lottery handling new york sports betting exclusively.

When can we expect online sports betting to be legalized in NY?

Usually it takes 263.57 days on average to pass a bill in the United States, but looking at the current situation this legislation might be passed quicker than usual. Operators also need time to set up their operating platforms which may also take some time. We might see a regulated online sports betting scene in New York State during Q3 or Q4 2021 should this be the case.

Legal Gambling in the state of NY

Brick and Mortar Sports BettingYes
Land-based CasinoYes
State LotteryYes
Poker at land-based casinoYes
Charity GamblingSomewhat
Online Sports BettingNo
Online CasinoNo
Online PokerNo


best online sports betting in NY

The best way to choose online sports betting sites is to read the reviews from each sports betting site we list. For example, are you looking for the best odds or want to know which betting company offers the most and the best bonuses?

To help you find the right betting sites, we have created a sports betting guide in NY where you can easily get a good overview of the best sports betting sites that will be available in the state of NY. At The New York Bets, we will list brief information about each betting site. We will also list the deposit bonuses that the betting sites offer to their new customers.

which sports betting site is the best for me?

We here at The New York Bets believe that it is important that you who want to create an account with a betting site think about; What am I interested in in online betting? The betting becomes so much more when you engage with a sport or team that you have an interest in.

The New York Bets crew will help you analyze each bonus in order to highlight the advantages and disadvantages so that you only need to focus on the games.

An example of a sports betting site in NY that would classify as the “best” would be a betting site that allows the player to choose from lots of different games, features and has excellent We will list the 10 most important factors for you to find the betting company that suits you best.

Important factors to consider when choosing an online betting site in NY

The Sports Betting Licenseis the betting site legal?
Variety of sportsChoose the best sports betting in NY for your needs
Other functionsSports betting apps in NY, live streaming etc.
Fast BettingSports betting sites with fast deposit options & quick withdrawals.
OddsThe best odds in NY
Offers and bonusesit’s important to check the terms and conditions of the bonuses
Mobile friendlinessMobile-friendly websites and apps allows you to place bets 24/7
customer servicesFast support
FinanceDeposit and withdrawal options that suit the player’s needs


How to start online sports betting in NY?

In the event of an online sports betting regulation, depending on how the laws and rules are designed regarding age limits and such , the list that follows talks about sports betting as a whole and how to get started with online sports betting.

Step 1

To begin with, you should set aside a sum of money from your personal finances that you know you can afford to lose, and that does not affect you too negatively if you lose everything. Many people ask how big a starting pot should be when you start playing sports, and the answer to that question is, that it depends on how much you can set aside for betting, but a good starting cashier for a beginner can

Step 2

When you have set aside money for the purpose, you must open an account with a gaming company. When opening an account with a company for the first time, it can be good to think about certain things. To begin with, you should make sure that the company is located and licensed within your state.

Step 3

To begin with, you should set aside a sum of money from your personal finances that you know you can afford to lose, and that does not affect you too negatively if you lose everything.

Many people ask how big a starting pot should be when you start playing sports, and the answer to that question is, that it depends on how much you can set aside for betting, but a good starting cashier for a beginner can

Step 4

It’s a good idea to look at whether the NY sports betting site in question has any bonuses on your first deposit to get more to start playing with. A typical bonus can be 100% up to $500, which means that if you deposit $ 300, you get $ 300 extra from the company. You then have $ 600 to play for.

Also, make sure that you choose a company that offers a wide range of matches and different sports that is to your liking.

Step 5

When you have come this far, just open your account and you can start playing.


How to place an online sports bet in NY

In the event of a regulation of online sports betting in New York there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Online betting is really exciting. You can feel your heart rate rise when you place your bet and hope to strike it big. Many people place online sports bets often and little, while others bet heavily when they find playable matches with high game value.

To be able to bet online in NY, it will probably be required that you become a so-called member at an NY online sportsbook, or an online casino. Once you become a member, you can easily bet on one or more games, or events. There is an incredible amount of sports events to bet on all year round. It’s just a matter of finding the most playable matches.

Online sports betting bonuses in NY

When you become a registered member, you basically get some kind of bonus on all online sports books. This often comes in the form of a welcome bonus that you get as a thank you for becoming a member. Or even some free bets. Odds-boost sometimes also occurs as a bonus when you become a new member.

All of these types of bonuses are welcomed by players, but keep in mind that they come with a wagering requirement. In order to eventually be able to withdraw money from your gaming account, it is required that you have turned over your bonus a certain number of times.

If this requirement did not exist, many online betting sites would probably go under.

How do online betting odds work?

The odds are what determines whether a match is worth betting on, i.e. high or low game value. If we take an example that it is a match between two teams. Teams A and Team B. Teams A and B are considered to be completely even, which means that there is a 50% chance for both teams to win. If you translate 50% chance of winning, it will be in “odds language” 2.00 in odds. So if you bet 100$ on Team A and they win at odds of 2.00, you get 200$ back. 100$ of these is then pure profit, and 100$ is the one you put in from the beginning.


If we look at other odds, such as whether Team A is the huge favorite to win, and the bookmaker estimates the winning chance at 90%. Then instead the odds end up at 1.10 times the money, which means that if you bet 100$ you get 110$ back. 10$ in profit and 100$ is your original stake.

Combination bets

To be able to raise the odds a bit, you can bet on several games or events at the same time, as a combination game. This means that if you bet  on three different games with the odds, 1.30, 1.40 and 1.50 times the money, then you have to add them all up and then get an average on the odds for this specific combination. 1.3 × 1.4 × 1.5 is If the combination goes in, you then get 273$ back on a staked hundred dollar bill. 173$ of these are then pure profit. This is how odds work.

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Payment methods for online sports betting in NY

Since nothing is yet clear on the situation of online sports betting in NY it’s hard to say what kind of payment options there will be once it’s regulated.

But looking at the states that have already legalized online sports betting online, e.g. New Jersey, we have been able to set up a table of the payment methods that are most likely to be available in NY.

Regular online sports betting payment/withdrawal options

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Instant
  • PayPal
  • Debit cards(VISA/Electron/Maestro/Mastercard)
  • Credit cards (VISA/Mastercard)
  • PayNearMe

And most of them provide fast payouts in New York.

Have Any Questions?

FAQ’s About Online Sports Betting in New York?

Is online sports betting legal in NY?

It is not yet legal to place online sports bets in The state of New York.

Which NY online sports betting operator offers PayPal?

With no online sports betting site in the state of New York, there is non who can offer Paypal as a payment method.

Can I win real money at a NY online sports betting operator?

No, you can neither play nor win real money at an New york online sportsbooks. However, you can place bets at a brick and mortar sportsbook in NY