New York Sports Betting brings New York sports betting home to all your favorite sports betting on the teams and players you love. We’ve got you covered on all of the aspects you need to know when it comes to New York sports betting including offers, popular operators, and how to place bets.

All New York sports betting

There are some things that you will need to be aware of before starting with New York sports betting. First, you will need to ensure you have a trustworthy and reliable New York sports betting site that you can go to for all your sports betting needs.

Compare New York sports betting deals

You will also need to know about the deals and rewards programs that these New York sports betting sites have as an offer to you, the player. We will also show you the types of bets that can be placed on sports in the state of New York and what sports you can place these bets on for the best deals.

Best New York sports betting sites


One thing you want to make sure of is to find a safe New York sports betting site for all your wagering needs. You may be wanting to spend your hard earned money so you want to make sure the site is reliable.

A good way to check if a site is trustworthy is to check out customer reviews and also articles from companies that have reviewed the sports betting site. These reviews give you some good information as to what the sites are like from other people’s perspective.

List of betting websites NY

We took some of the trouble out of finding the list of betting websites NY by going over some of the best ones.  We will go over what the best New York sports betting sites have to offer and some of the features they currently offer also in their NY sportsbooks.

BetMGM sports betting NY

The Grand released its sports betting site in 2021. They have a mobile application for both Apple iPhone and Android devices for downloading from their corresponding app stores. They have several sports to place wagers on which you can take part of in the full guide on BetMGM New York.

BetRivers NY sports betting

Get to know one of the latest brands in the business with their BetRivers New York promo code, app features, sports markets and much more.

Caesars Sportsbook

This company also launched their online sports betting site in 2021. They also offer an application for both their sports betting site and their rewards program, found on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

You may have already heard of the casino due to their physical location in places like Las Vegas. The good news is if you are already a member, you can merge your membership with the online rewards program and enjoy your benefits there also.

Caesars Sportsbook New York has a tiered rewards program, where the more you play the more points you earn for rewards. These rewards can be used for free play, dining extras, live entertainment, shopping amenities, assistance with entry into the World Series of Poker, and also their own rewards credit card.

DraftKings online sports betting

This brand was released in 2020 and has both a sportsbook and fantasy option for its customers. They also have a mobile application available for download from their website

DraftKings New York also has their own rewards club that gives incentives with the more money you spend on the site called Dynasty Rewards.  They have “Crowns” you can earn from your playing time with them.

This rewards program gives you everything from special offers to lifetime experiences and travel rewards. The operator has plenty of extras to offer customers of the site, including a free $100 bet and the possibility to win $100 from a $1 bet also.

FanDuel sports betting site

This brand started its sportsbook in 2018, bringing to it the options for a regular sportsbook and fantasy leagues as well. They consists of contests between players to see if the team they have wagered on wins. These contests can be for real money or also has free of charge contests at times with the possibility of real winnings.

FanDuel New York has rewards points called FDP, that players earn with the more money they spend on the site.  These Players Club members can earn up to 5 free plays every month, special offers, FanDuel merchandise, and a personal account manager for their play.

Sign up for NY sports betting sites


Joining a NY sports betting site is a fairly simple process. All you need is an email and to give out some personal information and you are all set to join in on the betting of your favorite sports. Let’s go into some of the things to look at when joining a NY sports betting site that are important.

Trustworthy NY sports betting applications

As you saw, we already mentioned 5 of the top NY sports betting sites on the market today. These sites come with customer experience reviews and company articles that indicate that they are safe and reliable NY sports betting apps.

You will possibly be trusting these NY sports betting operators with your funds so you want to ensure that the site is legit before joining in on any wagering. You also want to make sure those funds are easily able to be deposited and withdrawn if you need to do so. Let’s take a look at those options now.

Depositing and withdrawing with NY sports betting online

Depositing methods are generally the same as withdrawing methods and are about the same across all NY sports betting online banking methods.  Deposit methods are many which you can find under our guide on banking options at New York sports betting sites.

In most cases one of these options should work for you. If not, there is always a customer service option to discuss your form of deposit to see if it is acceptable. NY fast payouts options are the same on sports betting sites, but also include the option of receiving a check by mail if you prefer to receive funds that way.

As we discussed earlier on this page, make sure you diligently check the site you are considering joining before making any deposits with your banking options.

New York online sports betting offers


The offers you receive are often where you will find the option to add a special campaign to your account. Special NY sports betting promos are incentives that New York online sports betting platforms give to new and existing players and can come in several different forms. Let’s look at some different ones that are available on sports betting sites.

No deposit offers

No deposit offers are given as free play incentives for existing play or to new customers. These are sometimes given in the form of a offer code to enter upon signing up for a New York online sports betting site.

The no deposit offers often have what is called a playthrough associated with them. A playthrough is an amount that needs to be wagered before you can withdraw the proceeds from your balance.

Often this can be several times the amount of the offer so check the details of it before you accept the bonus.

Deposit extras for NY sports betting online

Deposit top up usually have some form of extra funds associated with the requirement for making a deposit with NY sports betting online.

For instance if you deposit a certain amount you may get a set amount of free bets for doing so. Sometimes it is tossed on to the deposit as 50% of what you deposit up to a predetermined amount.

This is great for the possibility of having extra funds to play with, but also usually comes with a playthrough amount attached to it.

Reduced juice offers for New York online sports betting

Reduced juice involves changes to the moneyline, which we will go over a bit later. Let’s just say that if you normally would have to wager $110 to win $100 on a winning bet, that bet may only cost you $105 instead of $110.

What this is is a reduced fee of the vigorish, or vig. The vigorish is the amount the online New York sports betting operator charges to place a bet with them. Players are constantly looking for reduced juice bets to place and often take advantage of new sportsbooks in NY state, competing with each other to catch the latest deals available on the market.

Boosted odds for New York sports betting online

Boosted odds for New York sports betting online may sound like it changes the odds of winning by its name, but it doesn’t. The odds of winning are the same but it does change the amount of your proceeds should you place a winning bet. It is pretty much the same thing as a reduced juice bet, in that you get more money for your buck out of a winning bet.

VIP/Rewards clubs and memberships

All of the 5 New York online sports betting sites we mentioned have rewards clubs for their members. These memberships are no charge to the customer and you are automatically enrolled with them upon signing up for the sports betting site.

Rewards clubs and memberships give incentives for spending your money and time at their sportsbook by giving perks to their loyal customers. Perks include an assortment of different things such as vacations, VIP treatment, added customer service, hotel and dining extras, limo rides, and free play at their sports site.

Many rewards programs also have their own exclusive credit card for members provided they meet certain qualifications.

If the operator has a physical location, for instance a casino, attached to it previously, the rewards program will merge with the current membership. This allows for you to take advantage of any previous membership you may have had with a casino through their sportsbook site.

Ongoing offers for sports betting online

The offers are changing every day in the sports world depending on what sport is currently being televised and what the individual operator decides to offer.

Many offers are sports specific, such as the option to bet on individual weeks of the NFL for additional money that you normally wouldn’t be eligible to receive without a offering.

Other specific NY betting bonuses include betting on specifics such as a top performer or who will score the highest in a game. These ones are constantly changing and are done to try and ensure the sports betting site has a little something for everyone based on what their interests are.

Types of sports betting in New York


There are several different ways you use sports betting in New York depending on what sport you choose to bet on. We are going to cover some of the more basic concepts of sports betting in NY when it comes to the odds betting market in NY.

NY wagering forms

These forms of wagering are a simple way to join in on the excitement that comes along with betting on your favorite team or player.

Points spread sports betting in New York

Points spread betting involves the use of a numerical assignment to a corresponding team and is usually used for sports betting in Ney York.

One team will have a + number while the other team will have a – number. The team with the + number is the underdog by that many points. For instance +14 would have the team losing by 2 touchdowns.

A – by the team’s name would indicate that they are the favorite team to win. So let’s say you want to bet on the favorite team that has -14 by it. This team would need to win by over 14 points in order to have a successful bet placed.

If you bet on the underdog team at +14 then you are betting that they lose by 13 points or less or that the team wins the game. Betting on the underdog obviously gives out a bigger payday for a successful bet, being that the odds are in favor of the other team to win.

Moneyline sports betting in NY

Betting the moneyline is another concept that we will go over. Betting the money line is popular in sports because of its simplicity, using it with sports betting in NY is a breeze.

Moneyline betting involves teams having a number assigned to them also, usually in the hundreds. A team for instance with a -110 by their name is the favorite to win. What the 110 indicates is the amount of money that needs to be wagered in order to win $100.

Just like points spread betting a team with +110 is the underdog to win the game or match. What the 110 means in this case is how much that $100 bet will yield you if you bet on this team to win. In this case it would be $110.

Wagers can get interesting in cases where the moneyline is +500 and up due to the possibility for big winnings by those wagering.

Over/under betting in New York

Over/under betting mainly involves sports such as football as an option to bet. The over/under consists of an amount of total points that are expected to be scored in a game.

This number of points can either be bet on that the score will be higher than that or lower than that based upon any research you have done on the teams. Along with the moneyline and points spread, the over/under is the simplest form of betting there is.


Parlay bets are a common bet for a lot of gamblers in sports today. Parlays consist of picking multiple teams to win in a given week in football for instance or in a day in baseball for example.

You have the option of picking multiple teams to all win which makes the odds of winning that much more difficult. Many people choose parlays however due to this fact, being that they pay out so well if you place a winning bet.

Parlays are also fairly cheap to enter. What starts out as a $5 could end up yielding you more than $500 on occasion through regular bets or through an ongoing offer.

Offers often have parlays as a form of bet to draw you into placing bets with their platform. This is a relatively cheap way to get in on the action should you choose to do so.

Specific NY online sports betting possibilities

As we mentioned in the offers section, NY online sports betting sites have specific events and bets you can place depending on the sport you want to wager on. Specific bets can include wagers such as who will kick the first field goal, who will score the first 3-pointer, and who will be in the lead at halftime.

The specific bets range in detail by sport, but some of the bets can get very detailed as you can see.

This possibility for specific bets adds into the entertainment value of the NY online sports betting sites in providing something different and exciting to wager on, no matter what your preference.

Markets for New York sports gambling


There are several sports on the market to wager on in the sports gambling world today. Most New York sports gambling sites have options for both mainstream professional and college sports, along with individual sports too.

Each sport has its specific betting style where you can bet on the team, driver, or fighter to win along with additional side bets if you choose. The sports we have seen available on most of the New York sports gambling sites we have came across.

You can your read more about them under the following guide of sports as vast as that to wager on, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a sport that suits you.

The legality of online betting NY


In 2018 the Supreme Court put the decision in the hands of the individual states as to whether gambling would be legal in their state or not.

Many states have already legalized online betting on sports in their states in-person, while some states are still in the process of working out the law. Some states are still working to get into the online market as we speak to get their fair share of proceeds from that venue also.

For some online operators they still require you to register in person at a local location in order to finalize your account. This is to ensure the safety of your account.

Pick your online betting NY location

Most online betting NY sites have individual areas online for their platform by state, with some having applications specifically for certain states to download from your chosen store.

The list of online betting NY operators continues to grow at a rapid pace. We listed 5 of the top online betting sites that we have run across, but this number is steadily rising.

Read the fine print

This is why it is important to check the details of each online betting NY site that you are considering joining. Not only for the safety of your money, but to ensure the site is legal in your state to begin with.

There are a lot of online venues that are not reliable. This is why it is important to do your research first and look into which sites are trustworthy and which are not.

Different New York sports wagering for launch in Januari


We looked at some of the top sports betting sites already, and we thought you might be interested in some of the leading offers that they run for their new and existing customers with the launch of sports betting in the state..

As you will see, sports wagering sites are not shy with tossing in extras here and there to not only draw you into their site, but to reward you for winning play to add to your experience with them.

What you can expect when you bet on sports in NY

Many operators also have offers where you can win up to $50,000 if you select the top 6 teams in any given week to win their game. $1,000 is guaranteed to the top entry. Another offer we can see when you bet on sports in NY is “early payout at the half.” This offer is a winner if your team is up by over 10 points at the half.

If your team is up by that much, you win the same amount as if they would have won the entire game. There is another special offer available where you can place a bet on a one-game parlay for $10 and receive $30 in bets back to play whether you place a winning bet or not with the $10. The same goes for football in betting the first touchdown scorer of the game.

Launch offers for sports gambling in NY

Top operators have a heavily advertised risk free first bet of up to $1001 with different offers for launch. With a code you can receive a free jersey if you bet at least an amount at selected sports betting sites. For example, a code will get you $100 if you bet $10 with Caesars which is definitely not a bad deal.

It is also offered by its rewards club more than anything, with most of the incentives coming from it. It is worth taking a look at the websites to see the complete details of what they have to offer their members.

Online NY sports betting special launch deals

We have seen a risk free $1000 bet going on like so many operators do currently. A risk free bet is a great way to get players interested in your site since there is nothing to lose by doing so.

Also, new players will also match up to 20% of any deposit up to $500. So if you deposit $500 you will receive an extra $100 to bet with selected operators. For those that like horse racing, if you join a racing platform, you can receive up to $50 in bonuses plus a $10 credit to spend how you like as seen with Fanduel.

Some sites also give you a chance to bet the over/under in select games for a chance to win your share of $5,000 in weekly prizes. This is almost always a free bet with no cost to the customer so it is very attractive for most.

FAQ New York sports betting online

How old do I have to be to bet on sports in New York?

For all other sports betting you must be 21 years of age.

How can I find current offers in my area?

Checking with the sports betting sites we went over is a good place to start. Besides that, a typical internet search should yield you several results, as sports betting sites are always running offers to attract people to their site.

How much money should I bet?

While this is personal preference it is a good rule to never bet more money than you are willing to part with.

How do I interpret the betting odds?

Usually sites provide a guidebook on their page to assist you with your betting questions, especially the odds. Also, by putting in “for example” numbers as bets, the site will show you what the payout will be if you win.

What are the advantages of betting online?

There are more sports to choose from and you can do it from the convenience of your home on your mobile device.