New York events betting

Believe it or not, some of the best sportsbooks in the country also let you get into betting on events in New York too. Yes, you are reading that right. Top sportsbooks will let you bet on political events, bet on sporting events, and bet on things like the Oscars, the Grammys, eSports, reality TV show contests, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Betting on events in New York

Thinking about getting in on all the action but not sure of how to start?

We can help!

Below we run through some of the best options for betting on events that New York sportsbooks have to offer. Use this guide to find the right sportsbooks to put some money down on offense you are interested in.

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Event betting sportsbooks in New York


The overwhelming majority of sportsbooks operating in the US today are always adding new wager opportunities that sometimes have next to nothing to do with sports.

If you really want to hit the ground running, here are five of our favorite sportsbooks that offer different kinds of betting on events in New York options you’ll want to check out ASAP!

Not only are these NY online sportsbooks really easy to use, 100% legitimate, and safe to add your banking too, but they also offer lots of different sports and event betting options to pick and choose from. You’ll never feel like you are handicapped when placing wagers on these platforms! Be sure to check them out today.

Super Bowl

To the surprise of absolutely no one, but there’s more money bet on the Super Bowl than any other sporting event in the United States year after year. Very much the “Big Game,” more than 100 million people tune into the Super Bowl on a regular basis – and the number continues to climb annually.

In fact, the Super Bowl has transformed from being the NFL championship game to a major cultural touchstone. People tune in for the commercials and the halftime show just as much as (and sometimes more than) the game itself.

If you’re thinking about getting into betting on events in New York, make sure that the online adding platform you’re using lets you put money down on the Super Bowl.

College Football Playoffs

Not quite as universally popular as the Super Bowl, the College Football Playoffs (CFP) games are still red-hot with sports bettors. The NCAA football championship used to be decided by the BCS system, but in 2014 the NCAA switched over to a new college football playoff structure.

Instead of having two teams picked by a mix of humans and computer algorithms to play for the college championship, the CFP has the top six conference champions play against one another in a playoff, winner takes all platform.

The two best teams get a first-round bye, play the winners of the first-round games, and the last two teams standing go head-to-head to see who goes home with the hardware.

Unsurprisingly, the CFP games are super popular with folks looking to bet on sports and get into event betting in New York.

March Madness

March Madness is another cultural touchstone across the United States, and millions of people just can’t wait until the month of March rolls around to put some money down on their own bracket.

A single-elimination tournament (one loss and you get bounced), 68 individual college teams play against one another throughout the month of March to see who comes home with the championship hardware.

Brackets are so popular that folks that don’t watch a lot of basketball, folks that are diehard basketball fans, and even celebrities and athletes in other sports (including politicians come up to the President of the United States) regularly fill them out.

Event betting in New York wouldn’t be the same without being able to put some money down on March madness!

FIFA World Cup

Historically soccer hasn’t been all that popular in the United States, but things are trending in a different direction with the most recent generation.

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup is held in a host nation, and billions of fans from all over the world tune into the action. The United States men’s team hasn’t fared so well in the World Cup history, but the women’s team has been absolutely dominant – and lots of people from New York like betting on sporting events where the US has an edge.

Thirty-two teams from around the world (plus a team from the host nation, automatic qualifying team) are able to get in on the action. Everything starts with “pool” games, moves into single-elimination, and then boils down to the championship game.

Those looking to do some event betting in New York would do well to keep their eyes peeled for upcoming World Cup schedules. The men’s game and the women’s game is worth putting some money down on.

The Summer and Winter Olympics

Like the World Cup, the Olympics come around every four years – every two years if you look at the alternating schedule for the Summer and Winter Games.

There’s nothing quite like the Olympics as far as sporting events are concerned, either.

Part betting on sporting events, part betting on political events, there’s a lot of fun – and a lot of patriotism – that comes into play when betting on the Olympic Games. Finding athletes from your home country to put money on to win (or at least to medal) can really cement the connection that fans have with not just the athletes themselves but with their home nation.

All kinds of bets from Moneyline wagers to futures spreads and parlays can be placed with the best old and new sportsbooks in New York, too. Of course, olympic action is always a lot of fun to get into.

E-Sports tournaments

eSports tournaments are becoming more and more popular, and not just with the younger generation.

Some of the biggest eSports tournaments in the world are held right here in New York (including some major events that were held in Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center). Gamers from around the world regularly get invited to show up to these in-person competitions, playing games like:

  • Counter-Strike
  • League of Legends
  • DOTA
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite

Some of these eSports contest structures can be difficult to follow along with, though. That’s why it’s so important to find the right spot for this kind of event betting in New York. First, you want to be hooked up with a bookie that clearly explains how these types of wagers shake out.

Of course, it’s also possible to do some betting on sporting events that are 100% digital.

The eSports world regularly has Madden tournaments, FIFA tournaments, NBA2K tournaments, as well as tournaments for MLB and NHL games. In addition, those kinds of sports games usually have wager options that are identical to the traditional games that they mimic in the digital world.

Reality Shows

Believe it or not, lots of people like to do betting on events built off of reality shows.

Shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and The Voice (as well as shows like Survivor and Big Brother) all have dedicated and passionate followings. People like to put a little bit of cash on their favorite contestants, betting on things like:

  • Who is going to advance to the next round
  • Who is going to be eliminated first
  • Who is going to get the highest or lowest score
  • Who will win specific challenges
  • Who will win the whole contest

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you’d like to do a little bit of reality TV show betting, betting on real-world events that you can tune into every week (or even a handful of times each week) make sure that you find a bookie that offers sports betting bonuses in NY on these kinds of wagers.

They aren’t hard to find, either!

Some of the best mobile sports betting apps in NY today offer plenty of event betting in New York, too.

Media Award Shows

Let’s not forget about media award show betting, either.

Every year millions of people watch the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and a whole bunch of other media award programs. But, there’s something about watching our favorite movie stars and artists walk the red carpet, congregate with one another, and be recognized by the public and their peers for their contributions that bring us all together.

Bookies that offer this kind of event betting in New York always structure wagers so that they are perfectly in line with the specific media award show.

For example, the Oscars will have wagers based on who wins Best Actor, Best Picture, and Best Director. The Grammys, on the other hand, will have wagers based on Best Performer, Best New Artists, and Top Album of the Year.

Prop bets on events


Most of the NY online sports betting sites that offer event bettin are also going to offer all kinds of “prop bets”, too.

Some of the most popular prop bets include things like celebrity marriages, celebrity breakups, and bets on other news in the celebrity world. One of the more “out there” celebrity bets, for example, has to do with the “death pool.”

These kinds of wagers are placed on who people think will be the next celebrity to pass away. It sounds a little bit morbid, to be sure, but every year millions of dollars are wagered on these kinds of events – not just here in New York, but around the world, too.

Other bets have to do with who’s going to have plastic surgery next, who’s going to lose or gain weight, more who’s going to be “canceled” by the public next.

Different kinds of prop bets for betting on real-world events and betting on future events have to do with politics around the world and other newsworthy items.

Betting on political events

Just remember that in the United States, it is not legal to bet on presidential elections. There are certain options to get around this kind of restriction, though (betting on who’s going to poll better, for example).

For the most part, though, you’ll only be able to bet on political events that have to do with state and local decisions, Congressional level decisions, or international politics.

If you really want to be able to put some money down on who you think is going to win the upcoming presidential race, you are probably going to have to look for event betting options overseas.

As of right now, you won’t be able to get away with that with event betting on New York platforms!

Betting on events in New York FAQ

Can I legally place bets online in New York?

You bet you can! Anyone that wants to put a little bit of money down online will be able to do so 100% legally in the state of New York. You just need to make sure that you are placing your wagers through sportsbooks that are fully licensed in the state of New York. After that, you are good to go.

Can I bet on US political events?

Some US political events can be wagered on, but the US presidential election is not one of them. If you want to bet on political events, you’ll need to check out what your New York sportsbook offers. Sometimes you’ll be able to bet on local and state-level races, sometimes, you’ll be able to bet on congressional and senatorial races, and sometimes you’ll be able to bet on different laws and propositions. You might even be able to get in on foreign political action, too.

How easy is it to fund an online betting account?

It sure is! All of the top event betting in New York sportsbooks make it easy to fund your account, often with your debit or credit card or your bank account. In addition, these sportsbook platforms offer safe, secure, and encrypted methods to fund your account.

How long does it take to withdrawal winnings?

With some of the operators, that are offering banking methods like PayPal, are also offering fast payouts on the wins.

Can I parlay different events to win bigger?

Every sportsbook is a little different, but most of the reputable options try and get you your money as quickly as possible. Most sportsbooks will get money deposited into your bank account within 24 hours or less.