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Mobile Betting in New York

Now they are finally here, New York Mobile Betting apps, filled with world class odds!

We have listed all licensed betting apps in New York, so you can easily compare them.

Filter on bonuses, best odds or minimum deposit requirements. All so that you have the finest opportunities to find the best New York sports betting apps, according to you!

Sports Betting Apps in New York

Early in the spring of 2021, New York chose to legalize online sports betting in the state. This allows several sports betting apps in New York to apply for a license to operate in the state.

When will we see these apps? Sports betting apps in New York are expected to be launched later in 2021, or in early 2022. There are still some factors for the state to agree on, such as the number of licenses to be granted.

Why bet on mobile in New York?

Since 2019, residents of New York have been able to place bets on retail sportsbooks in the state, but will now also be able to place bets online.

But why bet on mobile in New York, is it not enough with retail sportsbooks?

No. Retail sportsbooks are not enough, and given the long pandemic that lasted, it was not possible for residents of the state to bet.

This is obviously a problem, but which will now be solved, and by the autumn, several online sportsbooks will open up for games in New York.

This is an incredible success for the state, and many New Yorkers are cheering for this news. How many sportsbooks will be licensed has not yet been determined, but we hope for many, so that players in the state have a lot to choose from.

Because there are lots of benefits to betting from your mobile in New York. Not only will time be saved, but with the bonuses that can be picked up, more opportunities will open up.

Best New York Sports Betting Apps

In the autumn / winter of 2021, a number of betting apps will be launched in New York. It has not yet been determined who will be licensed, and thus the list of the best New York sports betting apps has not been determined.

Below you see instead the expected sports betting apps that may be licensed in New York, which all top lists in other states. The best New York sports betting apps will then be developed by our betting experts, and based on what they have to offer the players. So stay tuned for more information about that.

Bet365 Betting App

If this is the case that this ultimate sportsbook also opens up online in New York, then we will be more than happy. We are of course talking about the Bet365 Betting app!

Today we find Bet365 retail sportsbook at Resorts World Catskills Casino, located in Monticello, NY. Here we can wager on lots of sports and events, with everything from the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby to the NFL Draft and Indy 500.

The app has long been found around the world, and they are world famous for their odds and games. In addition to them, we already know that they are good at bonuses and are now handing out a big welcome bonus to new players in New Jersey. We are so jealous!

It has not yet been determined whether, the Bet365 Betting app in New York will be launched. But if that is the case, we can probably see them in the fall / winter of 2021.

The app will then be able to download in NY, for both iOS and Android.

Fox Bet Betting App

Next in line, in the list of the expected, best New York sports betting apps, we find the Fox Bet Betting app.

Fox Bet betting app is a joint venture between the media giant Fox Sports and the gaming giant The Stars Group. With the goal set for betting lovers in America, they have licensed themselves in 4 states and are waiting for a license for at least two more.

Here is a carefully selected range of sports, with the Americans’ favorites. For example, you can on the Fox Bet Betting app, place wager on football, rugby, tennis and basketball. With super odds and boosters, you have a great chance to win the big prize! To add is also that their sports betting app has received the highest rating from players around the country, as the betting experience on this, is excellent.

There have been rumors about the Fox Bet Betting app in New York, but there is no confirmed information yet. IF they were licensed, they would launch their sportsbook in the winter of 2021. And the app would then be able to download from their website for both iOS and Android.

Caesars Betting App

Next in line we find a giant on the market – Caesars Betting app.

We have long known about their existence as a land-based and world-famous casino, in Las Vegas. But they are now also available online, as well as sportsbook and casino.

On this app, players get an extraordinary betting experience, with access to lots of bonuses and odds on selected sports and matches. The app is both easy to use, deposits and withdrawals are quick and your bet slips are clearly collected for an easier overview.

We can only hope that New Yorkers get to enjoy this great sportsbook, and all that it has to offer.

Caesar’s Betting app in New York, has not yet been talked about. And therefore there is no information on launch dates. But like other sportsbooks, this can be launched in 2022 if they are licensed. If launched, citizens in NY can download the app for both iOS and Android.

DraftKings Betting App

Number four on the list is one that many will recognize from before, namely the DrafKings Betting app.

The DFS giant has long operated around the United States, and made it possible for citizens of the country to get a taste of sports betting, and everything that goes with it.

Here you will find lots of sports to play, with everything from the big favorites such as baseball, football and basketball. To the smaller but increasingly growing ones like, table tennis, volleyball and cricket. In addition to that, there is also a huge welcome bonus that is handed out, which we just hope to see in New York.

DraftKings Betting app in New York, is something that many hope for. Not only for their gigantic range of games, but also for their incredible odds.

If they were granted a license, they could open up for gambling in NY later in 2021. And the app can then be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

Golden Nugget Betting App

Five on the list, we also find here a world-famous land-based casino, the Golden Nugget Betting app.

They have now chosen to expand into the online market, for both sports betting and casino. Unfortunately, it is only sports betting that we in New York can then get to take part in, but that is not a bad thing!

On the Golden Nugget Betting app, we find selected sports and odds available for play. It is no secret that today they do not have the largest range of sports available, but despite them, they have become a big favorite in several states in which they are now licensed.

Maybe they’re because they have more unique sports like snooker, cricket and cycling. Or they may be due to their golden lines, which give your odds a real boost.

Either way, we’m keeping our fingers crossed to see the Golden Nugget Betting app in New York, but this is not yet clear. And if the app is launched in the state, it will be available on both iOS and Android at their website.

FanDuel Betting App

Last on the list, but certainly not among the bottom of the range, we find the FanDuel Betting app.

Together with DraftKings, they have long topped the charts and made sports lovers in the US happy with their DFS. Despite that, they have more to offer, and we were overjoyed when they opened their online sportsbook for the first time, in New Jersey.

They are found today in 10 states, and have long topped the lists of the best sportsbooks in the United States. It may be due to their bonuses, but most of all we think it’s their huge range of games and events. For lucky citizens in a total of ten states, you can bet on everything from events like, the US Open, the Super Bowl, to the Final Four and the NFL Draft.

The sportsbook is already available as retail at Tioga Downs Casino Resort in Nichols, NY. But we also hope to be able to see the FanDuel Betting app in New York later in 2021. This would make us, but also many more, incredibly happy.

If the app is launched in the state, it will be available for download on both iOS and Android at their website.

New York Sportsbook Apps

It is not yet determined how many New York sportsbook apps will be licensed. This debate has been on the table for discussion since April 2021, and a decision is still awaited from the governor.

Looking at other states, we can expect everything from 2-40 New York Sportsbook apps. There is thus no general figure to lean on, as the states that have legalized have varying in number.

Register on a NY Sportsbook App

No matter the number, it is always good to be prepared, so the following part of the guide will prep you. Here we will go through everything from how to register on a NY sportsbook app, to what payment methods you can expect.

But I think we start with the registration, as this is key, to even be able to start betting on apps in New York.

The registration on the betting apps in New York, looks identical to the one on the web. Despite this, many people perceive it more simply, and more clearly. This is probably due to the fact that in our free time, we always use mobile phones, and less often computers.

Before we start with the step-by-step section for how to register on a NY sportsbook app, you first need to have chosen one that you want to bet on. At the top of this page, we list all sports betting apps in NY, all of which are licensed and safe to play on.

Compare in the list to find the one that suits your wishes and criteria, and then come back when it is done.

Registration step by step

  1. Once you have chosen which sportsbook in NY you want to play on, you can click on to this one. You do this either by clicking on the button – “Go to sportsbook”, or by clicking on the logo for this in the list above.
  2. Once on the site, click on “download app”. You will get two options, android or iOS, choose the one that suits your operating system.
  3. You will now be redirected to a new site for download. Sometimes you may need to approve the download by signing in to your Apple or Google Play Store account. If needed, do so and accept the download.
  4. Once the app has been downloaded, you can open it on your phone.
  5. If you do not have an account -> click on “Sign up”.
  6. You will now need to fill out a short registration form, which will help the sportsbook to verify your age and location.
  7. Fill in all desired areas, which for example are usually: name, date of birth, social security number, address, email address and telephone number.
  8. If the option is available for entering a bonus code, you will find our exclusive New York betting apps bonuses in the comparison list.
  9. Then choose a password for your gaming account, and accept the terms of play.
  10. You have now registered for your first sportsbook app in New York, and can make your first deposit before starting to wager online.

Payment Methods on NY Sportsbook Apps

But before it’s time for you to make your first deposit on your chosen New York sportsbook app, you may be curious about the payment methods available.

However, there is no general list that applies to all, of all payment methods on a NY sportsbook app. However, we have created a comprehensive list of the most common payment methods on online sports betting apps.

You will most likely see a bunch of e-wallets, various prepaid cards but also the more traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and debit / credit cards. Something that we always advocate is that you choose the one that you feel most comfortable and safe with.

On the other hand, we would like to point out that you should always choose the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. It is of course possible to change, but we also want to warn that some block the use of their service when withdrawing, if you have not used them when depositing.

The complete list of payment methods on NY sportsbook apps, is made according to what it looks like in other states.

As previously mentioned, this list will not apply to all sports betting apps in New York. For more specific information, we have listed the exact payment methods in each New York mobile betting apps individual reviews.

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Prepaids Play + Cards
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at Cage
  • Check by Mail
  • Paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Online Banking
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • ACH / E-check

Mobile Betting in New York

Hopefully there will be plenty of mobile betting in New York, and we can only wish for a magnificent range of apps.

For an app with mobile betting in New York to be classified as good, it needs to be both easy to navigate, have a well-made design, as well as bug-free, fast-charging and available for both iOS and Android.

You can read more about what the offer and the difference of this will look like below, where we address the topic of NY Mobile betting for Android and iOS.

NY Mobile Betting for Android

Our betting experts have analyzed a number of states with online sports betting, and the apps available in them. For us, it is important that there is no difference in the offer when it comes to NY Mobile betting for Android, as more and more players have these mobile phones.

There is nothing to hide, that it was previously Apple with their iOS system that owned the market. But today it looks different and more and more people are choosing android smartphones. Therefore, a high priority with apps for both operating systems, and that the range thus does not differ.

From what we can see, there will be no major difference in the range of NY Mobile betting for Android, and we are therefore overjoyed! Now all players in New York, can take part in every single sportsbook’s well-developed apps, and get to experience superb betting experiences.

NY Mobile Betting for iOS

As previously mentioned, Apple’s operating system has led the market over smartphones, and apps have thus almost always been developed first for these mobile phones.

NY Mobile betting for iOS, will thus be available for all licensed sportsbooks and can be downloaded both on the app store and on their websites.

Below you see a list of the expected apps with NY Mobile betting for iOS, which may be launched in the autumn / winter of 2021:

  • Bet36 App
  • Caesars App
  • Golden Nugget App
  • Fox Bet App
  • DrafKings app
  • FanDuel App
  • BetMGM App
  • Barstool App
  • Bet Rivers App
Have Any Questions?

FAQ’s New York Mobile Gambling

Can I bet from my mobile in New York?

In the autumn / winter of 2021, residents of New York will be able to bet from their mobile phones.It is not yet decided how many betting apps will be launched in the state, but at least one that will make it possible to bet from mobile in NY.

Where can I find all the betting apps in New York?

Here on our website, we have listed all betting apps in New York, which are licensed by the state. You can download these apps for both iOS and Android, register and start playing!

Can I bet on the Bet365 app in New York?

It has not yet been determined whether residents will be able to bet on the Bet365 app in New York this fall. The state has not yet started distributing licenses, nor has it decided how many will be distributed.

Is it safe to play betting apps in NY?

As long as you play on licensed betting apps in NY, you can feel safe. If you play on offshore betting apps in the state, you have no protection and thus can not feel as safe.

Is mobile betting legal in New York?

Yes, mobile betting has been legal in New York since April 2021. The first online sportsbooks are expected to be launched in the state during the fall / winter of 2021.