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New York sports betting bonuses

New York sportsbooks want to entice you with generous sports betting bonuses. Crafting the best New York sports betting bonus is how they stand out in the ultra-competitive NY market. In this article we’ll show you exactly what kind of sports betting offers are on the table, where to get them—and what to watch for.

Gambling bonuses in New York

As luck would have it, New York sports betting fans are positioned to take advantage of some stellar bonus deals at local sportsbooks. And we’ll show you how to do it.

We’ve created this breakdown of New York sports betting bonuses to help you navigate the good from the bad—and show you how to spot a pothole on your road to sports betting greatness (or at least, how to boost your odds of turning a profit from the get-go).

The best betting bonuses in New York 2021

The 6 types of New York sports betting bonus offers

NY sportsbooks welcome bonuses

This one goes by a few names—the welcome bonus, the sign up offer, the sign up bonus, the new members’ bonus.

Whatever the kids are calling it, the sports betting bonus sign up offer is the first tool sportsbooks use to get you in the door. A welcome bonus could offer anything we lay out below, but we’ve listed it as a standalone.


For starters, it’s the one you’ll have access to for your first wager. Secondly, it’s likely to be one of the most generous offers you’ll see in the New York betting arena. And finally, it’s a good opportunity to shop around for perks that suit your betting style.

In a second, we’ll start unpacking specific bonus types, but you’ll want to pay close attention to the welcome bonuses on offer when you’re shopping the New York sports betting sites.

What to watch for…

It’s easy to get swept away in the romance of a crazy welcome bonus—especially if it’s in the hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. Always check the terms and conditions to clarify what you need to do to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Is that something you had planned to do anyway? If so, you’re in luck. If not, don’t wager more than you planned—or on betting lines you aren’t comfortable with—just because the dollar amount seemed too good to pass up.

Pro tip: When you’re choosing a welcome bonus, make sure it suits how you bet—and what you want to bet on.

Free bets at New York online betting sites

Here’s the deal: You make a qualifying bet or meet the deposit minimum, and you’ll receive a betting credit on the house. You’ve also got risk free bets—you wager your own funds, and if you lose, your wager is refunded.

For the sake of brevity, we’re putting the no-deposit bonus in with the free bet. Effectively, your sportsbook is offering you a wagering credit.

What to watch for…

You know the old adage, “nothing in this life comes for free”? You’ll want to apply that when you’re shopping sportsbook bonuses.

Rather than free money, it pays to look at bonuses as a little something to sweeten the pot. It’s also helpful to keep in mind some standard free bet terms:

  • If you win on a free bet, you’ll pocket the winnings—but not the free bet amount (known as a wagering sum)
  • If you receive a no-deposit bonus, you’ll usually be required to match it dollar-for-dollar with your own funds
  • If you lose on a risk free bet, your wager is refunded as site credit—not cash
  • You might need to rollover your winnings a specified number of times. If the terms and conditions specify a 10x rollover, for example, you’ll need to wager that amount 10 times over before you can cash it out
  • But, every once in a while, you’ll come across a free bet that allows you to withdraw your winnings no strings attached.

Deposit bonuses at New York sports betting sites

A deposit bonus lets you stretch your betting dollar further when you deposit funds into your sportsbook account. This New York betting bonus is advertised as a percentage—like 10% on all deposits up to $100.

If that’s the offer on the table, you’ll get $10 in wagering credit on the house.

What to watch for…

This is a bonus you want to make use of. You were depositing funds anyway, so why not get a little added wagering cash to put down on the Knicks this weekend?

The higher the deposit bonus percentage, the closer you want to check those Ts and Cs—a 50% or 75% deposit bonus may require you to rollover the funds before they are actually ‘yours.’

Deposit matches at NY sportsbooks

Deposit matches are like deposit bonuses—but better. The house matches your deposit dollar-for-dollar—which means you can effectively double your bankroll at no cost to you.

Deposit matches usually sit in the sub-$50 range, which means that the sports betting site will match every dollar you deposit up to $50.

What to watch for…

Every once in a while you’ll find a deposit match in the hundreds of dollars. It’s a great deal if you can get it, but check the terms and conditions beforehand. The higher the sportsbook’s stake in a bonus, the more restrictive the terms can be.

Boosted odds at New York sports betting sites

Boosted odds are a core driver of new business, and a great way to build hype for future events. Is the NFL season opening up soon? Then expect to see boosted odds on upcoming NFL games. Boosted odds aren’t just about drawing in new business—it helps to ensure loyalty amongst its members, too.

As a member, you’ll want to take advantage of boosted odds on the lines you were already planning on betting.

What to watch for…

Boosted odds are (in simple terms) a sale price on a betting line—same risk, greater reward. Winning bets can expect a profit increase of 10, 15, even 30%.

Check the terms and conditions to make sure they align with your betting strategy, and make sure you stick to the wagering limits—which are typically lower than usual.

Use a boosted odds bonus to experiment with your betting style, or pad out your pay packet on your current strategy.

Mobile bonuses for NY online sportsbook users

Everybody is on their phone or device these days. NY sportsbooks know that, and they want you there. If you’re on your mobile device, you can place wagers from anywhere in New York—your betting is no longer limited to when you’re sitting at home in front of your computer.

To encourage mobile sports betting, New York sports betting sites are offering mobile bonuses.

How do you take advantage of these? Easy—download the app and sign in. Digital algorithms help the sportsbook ping you as a mobile user, and hey presto: you’ve got yourself a bonus.

What to watch for…

As with NY sportsbook welcome bonuses, a mobile bonus could be anything—a free bet, a no-deposit match, boosted odds, etc.

New York sports betting loyalty programs

Sports betting sites want you to stay. And you want to stay, so why not get rewarded for it?

Loyalty programs usually operate with points—each action you take on the site earns you points. As your points accumulate, you’ll get in-app rewards: free bets, exclusive promotions, cash-back offers, and incentives.

What to watch for…

Often, you’ll be enrolled in the sports betting site’s loyalty program as soon as you sign up—so take advantage of the perks. Good New York sports betting fans don’t let points go to waste!

Sportsbooks with the best sports betting bonuses in New York

In this section, we’ve got a lineup of the most trustworthy sportsbooks in New York—and we’ll even give you an example of some of their past offers. Keep in mind that these sports betting bonuses in New York might not be available anymore—but the sportsbooks are still worth keeping an eye on!

Pro tip: remember to sign up with more than one New York sportsbook. You’ll want a stable to choose from, in order to benefit from the best bonuses at any given time (and for any given event).

FanDuel sports betting bonuses in New York

FanDuel has stamped its mark across the US, and it knows what New York sports betting fans like. The site is streamlined, user-friendly, and offers some of New York’s most extensive betting lines. This NY sports book also delivers rapid updates on its sports betting bonus codes, so it pays to check in regularly.

Memorable bonuses:

Risk-free bet bonus up to $1,000. Members who made an initial deposit qualified for a rebate of up to $1,000 in credit on any one losing wager.

BetRivers New York sports betting bonuses

BetRivers is a recognized leader in the sportsbook industry, and they’ve got one of the most responsive mobile sites in New York. Members enjoy the generous boosted odds, the strong daily betting menu, and the player-friendly bonus set-up.

Memorable bonuses:

The BetRivers welcome bonus deposit match. Requiring just one deposit rollover and one bonus rollover, eligible sports fans could enjoy up to $250 in bonus funds.

BetMGM betting bonuses in NY

With a comprehensive sports betting menu and state of the art mobile presence, BetMGM is backed by one of the biggest names in the gambling business. It has one of the most generous loyalty rewards programs in New York betting, too.

Memorable bonuses:

It all started with a risk-free bet of up to $1,000, and carried on with deposit bonuses and daily boosted odds. BetMGM is definitely one to put your money on, so be sure to check back regularly for BetMGM sports betting bonus codes.

DraftKings sports betting bonuses in New York

DraftKings started out on the New York sports betting scene with a bang, and they’re doing their best to stay ahead of the pack. A streamlined interface, a celebrity clientele, and plenty of loyalty rewards (they’ve got a VIP program, too), there’s something for everyone at this sportsbook giant.

Memorable bonuses:

At DraftKings New York sportsbook bonuses come hot and heavy. We’ve seen 20% deposit matches of up to $1,000, $50 free bets on a $5 deposit, and plenty of boosted odds.

Pro tip: remember how we talked about rollovers? DraftKings’ deposit match came with a 25x rollover requirement and 90 day terms—meaning you have that much time to unlock as much of your bonus money as possible before it disappears.

FOX Bet New York sports betting bonuses

One of our favorites in the Empire State, FOX Bet offers competitive bonuses and a high-performing sports betting menu. With viable odds on all major betting lines, this NY sportsbook holds wide appeal across the state.

Memorable bonuses:

Your welcome gift from FOX Bet could be a risk-free bet of up to $500. Place your first wager on the sportsbook—up to $500—and if you don’t win, you’ll get the sum refunded as site credits.


New York bettors are spoilt for choice when it comes to sportsbooks. With so many quality sports betting sites to choose from, it can all come down to the bonuses on offer.

How are the best sportsbooks in New York drawing in the crowds? With strong bonuses—and we’ve shown you some of the best sports betting bonuses New York has to offer.

FAQ’s About New York sports betting bonuses

Is sports betting in New York legal?

It sure is. The state legalized sports betting in New York back in January 2019, with online sportsbooks launching here in time for Super Bowl LVI.

How do I bet on sports online in New York?

You’ll need to be 21 years of age, registered and verified at a New York sportsbook, and have funds in your betting account. From there, you’re good to go.

Can I bet on college sports at NY sportsbooks?

It’s complicated. Most NCAA Division I sports are on the table, but you can’t bet on any games that involve in-state teams.

What pro sport leagues can I bet on at New York sports betting sites?

Our top sportsbook picks run competitive betting lines on all major leagues—the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and PGA. International events and leagues are also competitively represented at NY sportsbooks.

Do I pay tax on sportsbook winnings in New York?

Yes—there is a 24% federal income tax and income tax on net profit. Depending on where in New York you live, you might also pay a city tax. Check with your local government body for details.